ARAD to help developers put ads in their AR apps

Sept. 20, 2017, 1:43 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


The popularity of Augmented Reality apps has increased a lot thanks to the recent push by Apple and Google. Apple recently released ARKit which was soon followed by ARCore by Google. Apart from these companies, other companies like Snapchat, Facebook is also pushing AR limits. But one of the biggest problem that still exists is how do developers monetize their AR apps.

A team from Google and Snapchat have joined hands to solve this issue and provide developers an easy way to earn money from their AR apps. One of the biggest concern for the developers was to ensure that the ads should affect the user experience but it should also be more appealing to the users. When any user should click the ad then it should open the ad in whole new format. Developers found it very difficult to make these 3D objects and detect objects in augmented reality.

ARAD has advertisers place some media assets on their platform and then a tool inserts an ad which is slightly outside the user’s field of vision. The apps will detect the object in the field of vision and then an ad corresponding to that object would be displayed on the screen. When the user will click that and then they will see the complete ad. This will ensure that apps do not pop up or disrupt the user activity.

AR is a compactly new platform so it will take some time for the companies to come up with the perfect way for developers to put ads in their apps. The AR ads will be more beneficial for the developers as they will be able to earn more through that as it has better user involvement than the regular ad that we are accustomed to seeing. Most ads which are used today are really annoying and provide a bad user experience. So, the biggest concern while displaying the ad should be that it should affect whatever user is doing.

Let’s see how the new way of putting the ad works out in some real-life AR applications.