YouTube is ready to gain 360-degree video for TV and Super Chat AP

May 23, 2017, 8:17 p.m. By: Vishakha Jha

youtube-360 tv

YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming platform, while Google continues to explore new ways for video creators and viewers to enjoy and interact with the content. At Google I/O 2017, Google introduced 360-degree video support for your connected TV along with a new Super Chat API.

YouTube will soon support 360-degree videos on the largest screens you own. It already has 360-degree videos support on different devices like Smartphones, PCs and Daydream platform but now they are set to conquer Television. You can simply use YouTube apps to launch 360-degree clips and play them. Users can interact with the video and one can go ahead and use remote navigation buttons to pan around. YouTube will also be supporting live 360-degree videos which mean you will be able to enjoy instances from different angles as they occur.

Another announcement related to YouTube was made by Barbara MacDonald. She discussed about Super Chat API which is an extension of the Super Chat feature introduced by YouTube. It is another way to monetize your videos, audience can pay to prioritize their comments on the streams not only this, but milestones can be created to trigger real-world actions like turning lights off or controlling drones. These real-world actions will be set up only by specific YouTuber along with the particular amount for which they can be triggered by viewers. It can also provide video creators with a new vision to engage their viewers in the content, while at the same time making more money.

However, we can’t predict how well the experience will transform from a mobile device to a television but only time can tell how far viewers are interested in paying money to experience some actions on the other end of the screen.

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