Technologies that can help unlock true potential of AR

Sept. 25, 2017, 4:19 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore has been capturing the attention and imagination of developers. There many independent developers and also small start-ups that are developing AR apps for various platforms. These development kit from Apple and Google is setting the stage for the next era of AR development. But, still, we have not seen the true potential of AR. For that, we would need advanced technology for truly immersive experiences. Let’ see some of the technology that can help AR to get even better.

1. Interaction

AR aims at providing better human and computer interaction. So, enhancements in interaction are critical to creating truly immersive experiences. This means that use of digital medium should increase a lot so that people and use AR. If no one will be using digital medium then there would be no need for AR. For example, touchscreens have enabled an easy and natural way for users to engage with a smartphone. Similar is the case with AR or VR. Currently, most of the AR apps is based on the touch response. But in future, we need to advance it other interaction methods like hand gestures, direct and indirect manipulations.

2. Display

One of the key factors for AR is the display. Nowadays, smartphones have become much advanced and offer a high level of screen specs and computing power required to enjoy AR experiences. But still, display technology lack when it comes to wearable devices such as glasses. There are companies that are working on improving design, bulkiness, and field of vision.

3. Internet

The use of internet holds the key for AR. All the network companies are working on providing fast and cheap internet facilities to the user. But, still, there are many countries where a common people do have access to the internet. Also, the speed of internet is key for AR as it deals with the real-time event. Companies are working on providing 5G networks which are believed to unlock various options for the users.

4. Better hardware

Apple recently released an A11 bionic chip which will be used in iPhone 8 and iPhone X. This chip is specially designed for AR. But, still, most of the devices come with the outdated processor which cannot be used to run AR apps. So, smartphones companies need to find a way to provide a smartphone with better hardware built to customers.

At the end of the day, it will be a customer who will benefit from AR as it can unlock a whole new world.

Image Source: Marketing Week