The Chinese room to release VR parable for Daydream

Sept. 25, 2017, 4:28 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

So let us melt

The Chinese room is releasing its first VR game named “So let us melt”. This is a sci-fi parable about a machine lost in the paradise of its own making. This game is exclusive to Google Daydream VR platform. The developers have joined hands with composer Jessica Curry (Bafta award-winning composer).

The game is comprised of 7 chapters each around 7 minutes in duration. According to the company, this game is an interactive animated film with simple controls which make it easy for those who are new to VR world. Players assume the role of a sentient machine which tends to utopia which is known as Kenopsia (environment built to accommodate cryogenically frozen humans upon their awakening).

Google Daydream VR already has many sci-fi titles like Earthspace and much more. So, let Us Melt is available on Google Play Store and will cost you $9.49.

So Let Us Melt - a science fiction fairy-tale for Daydream VR

Video Source: The Chinese Room