HTC is rumored to be testing Cloud VR in China

Sept. 26, 2017, 12:54 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


HTC has been in the headlines throughout the week. First with the Google acquiring the pixel team from HTC and then associating with the rumor of HTC selling its VR division. But, now some reports suggest that HTC is testing untethered cloud VR services in China.

There is no doubt that the popularity of VR is increasing rapidly. But one of the biggest hurdle in VR reaching out to the common people is its high cost. Still, after so many years, VR is very costly and only few can afford. So, to tackle this issue, many companies are looking to cost down the cost by using higher quality hardware. HTC has also decided to tackle this issue by untethering the HTC Vive from the PC and using a 60 Mbps broadband connection to stream VR content from Viveport.

This approach gives two advantage- first VR users will not need to have PC or any wired setup (which is required currently) and secondly, users will no longer have to wait for the content to be downloaded to their local system. But, this does not mean that all is good with this approach. HTC will have to deal with the latency (they have to minimize the latency or else user experience will be affected). They will also have to deal with any disruption to an internet connection which will make the device unstable.

But, let’s see how HTC goes with the implementation of this technology. If they manage to resolve the connectivity issue then this will bring down the cost of experiencing a VR content.