Google Chrome lets Daydream users browse the web in VR

Sept. 26, 2017, 12:59 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


One of the most awaited updates for Google Chrome has finally arrived. Now, the daydream users can browse the web also continue to enjoy an easy VR experience via WebVR regardless of if it has any specific VR content. Google issued a statement stating that the first set of VR features is now available to try out in Chrome 61, the latest stable build of the company’s mobile browser.

WebVR is the open VR standard developed by W3C. In the new update, users will be able to view and interact with any website in VR and follow the links to the pages and can shift between immersive and 2D viewing for the sites that support WebVR. Google has also said that this is just the beginning of VR in Chrome and there are much more surprises to come later this year.

Daydream users can use this WebVR feature by navigating to any site in Chrome and then simply putting the phone into their Daydream View headset. WebVR was launched earlier this year with an aim of making daydream headsets more popular and user-friendly. Besides Google chrome, Samsung Internet and Oculus Carmel are the other two browser that supports WebVR both of which run on Samsung Gear VR.

Daydream headset only supports Pixel, Samsung S8 and S8+, Note8, ZenFone AR, Motorola z/z2 Force, LG V30 and few other. Google is also scheduled to release two standalone headsets in partnership with Lenovo and HTC later this year.

Mozilla has also added WebVR feature. Earlier this year, Apple has also shown interest in WebVR which indicates that we might see WebVR in Safari also soon. It looks like the traditional way to browsing the web will soon get old and replaced by the much more immersive way.

Image Source: The Independent