Samsung to unveil Odyssey VR headset next month

Sept. 30, 2017, 5:22 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Odyssey VR headset

Samsung has been in headlines for developing next Virtual reality headset. The new headset is expected to be branded as Odyssey. According to few rumors, Samsung could unveil this new headset as soon as next week. The new headset will complement the company’s Gear VR headset but with higher end specification. This is also seen as a departure from the company’s partnership with Facebook-owned Oculus.

There has been a rumor that Samsung might come up with the windows mixed reality headset. The leaked image from Twitter also suggests that there are two cameras for inside-out tracking and an integrated headphone developed by AKG. Also, windows mixed reality headset is also visible which means that this headset will be powered by the Windows software (the same which power headsets from Acer and Lenovo).

The rumor is believed to be true Samsung has recently filed for FCC approval for their products. Microsoft is also holding a press event for the mixed reality line of products next week, which also adds to the cause.

Samsung is also organizing its annual developer conference later this month where they will address the need for next-generation VR and MR headsets.

Samsung introduced its Gear VR in 2014 and since then there have been several innovations in the field of VR. In the recent times. Gear VR was losing its popularity simply because of its low specifications and older technology. Also, new companies like Pimax, Mind maze is working on the much better headset. So, Samsung had no other option than to come up with a new product to remain in the competition.