Microsoft acquires Altspace VR to push its social VR efforts

Oct. 6, 2017, 8:37 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Microsoft has decided to jumpstart its social VR effort by acquiring Altspace VR and its team. Altspace is a social VR service available on all the major headsets and screens. It allows people to meet up in a virtual world together. They can play some games or get involved in some business discussions.

Altspace did start with the band and heavy cash input. But all effort went crashing as the company nearly shuttered in recent month. But now Microsoft has decided to revive its services as they believe that it does hold a key space in our day to day life. Microsoft is interested in preserving the company that uses Altspace VR to connect and interact with their fellow friends. Microsoft’s main goal would be to ensure that the AltspaceVR remains a friendly, welcoming and vibrant place to hang out in virtual reality.

This acquisition will benefit Microsoft as they can now integrate services like Skype. Microsoft is also rumored to be involved in developing VR platform where all the users can interact with each other and this acquisition will provide a good base to start with. Microsoft could also integrate its Xbox services with Altspace VR which will allow the users to play any game on Xbox with their friends in the virtual world. Now, we will have to wait for the next course of action from Microsoft to see what our intentions behind this acquisition.

Image Source: TechGig