Mantis VR to add integrated headphones in Playstation VR

Oct. 14, 2017, 1:46 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Mantis VR

Sony’s PlayStation VR is considered as one of the best headsets in the high range for gaming purposes but it still has several limitations. One of the biggest limitation is the unavailability of integrated headphones. Sony has tried to address this issue by coming up with new PSVR model which will have attached earbuds. But what for the users who have brought the first version of PSVR. Well, this is where Mantis VR comes to save the day for them.

Mantis VR has developed a headphone which can snap onto any PSVR and will act like an integrated headphone. This headphone will go on sale for $50. One of the biggest advantages of Mantis VR headphones is that they are very simple to attach and provide great music experience. Mantis VR headphones are exactly similar to that of integrated headphones with Oculus Rift. The headphone works like both as a flap where it can angle down against your ear and also from the sides, directly at your ears.

Mantis has tried to address one of the most common issues with the traditional headsets that are it becomes uncomfortable in longer use. Users can use the Mantis VR headphones and can still get the same experience as the traditional ones but without feeling any distraction or uncomforting. So, if you want to enhance your gaming or even regular PSVR use experience, you should try these headphones from Mantis as they not only add the additional feature but also improves the overall looks of the headphone.

Image Source: Road to VR