Oculus VR avatars coming to Steam and Daydream in 2018

Oct. 16, 2017, 12:13 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Oculus VR avatars

Oculus VR avatars have really created a buzz in the market since it was realized. But, it still has one big limitation that it is not visible outside of Oculus own’s platform. Oculus has decided to remove this limitation as they revealed that avatars will have cross-platform support from 2018.

Oculus said that initially, avatars will support SteamVR and Daydream VR with support for other platforms coming later in 2018. Oculus also promised tangible upgrades to the avatars. The company has said that they are working to make the avatars look more natural. There will be the addition of new features like speech synchronization, skin shading. There is also some rumor that company is coming up with eye tracking feature which means that avatar’s eye will track any object in focus like your finger or any moving object.

Oculus also said that developers will have more options like contributing their own apparel (which includes the content that they have to unlock). With all said and done, it looks like Oculus is planning to make a major upgrade to the way avatars work and look. They want to enhance the user's experience and make those avatars looks more like a natural human being.

It’s still time to see how these plans are implemented in the real life. We will have to wait till the next year to see whether there are more surprises or not.

Image Source: Engadget