Thyng: a great platform for creating AR scenes

Oct. 16, 2017, 12:35 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Thyng recently launched its free app Thyng 4.0 om iOS which is built using Apple’s ARKit software. This app enables users to create AR scenes by simply dragging and dropping pre-designed objects or any images and videos.

Thyng is founded by Ed LaHood. It’s not the first company that Ed LaHood has founded. In 1991, he founded Vream (one of the first start-ups to experiment with virtual reality). Vream was aimed at enabling people to create their own VR environment. Eventually, Vream was acquired by Platinum Technologies (a database management company) in 1996.

Ed LaHood said that the company has been working on AR technologies for a long time. He also told that VR and AR hold the key for the future technologies. The main idea with Thyng was to focus on the AR space. They have been working on creating AR platform before the launch of ARCore or ARKit. He mentioned that AR is great to watch but difficult to produce and they wanted to remove that difficulty.

So, Ed LaHood and his team came up with Thyng 4.0 which is focused on the target and surface-based AR. He mentioned that people could use video or image if they do not know how to create 3D content. In Thyng, a lot of focus has been given to target based AR which means being able to recognize a product in an image and then overlaying any AR message on top of that product.

Thyng is not only working to allow people develop AR content but also developing a way for brands to reach out in a more immersive way to their customers. LaHood also mentioned that if any brand wants to have an AR app in the app store under their own name then his company is ready to make that happen with Thyng technology built into it.

Now that Apple has launched iOS 11, there is huge opportunity to reach a wide number of people with AR apps and Thyng wants to use this opportunity to reach out to more people. There is still no word on support for Android devices but hopefully, it’s around the corner.