RODEO: A Data Science IDE For Python

Oct. 21, 2017, 10:18 a.m. By: Kirti Bakshi


There has been a long search for a python IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that would prove to not only be suitable for tasks that are related to data-science like Loading of data from different sources but also Experimenting in an interactive way or even Plotting for that matter.

And RODEO, that is an open source python IDE and has been brought up by the folks at yhat, is a development environment that is lightweight, intuitive and yet customizable to its very core and also contains all the features mentioned above that were searched for so long. It is just like your very own personal home base for exploration and interpretation of data that aims at Data Scientists and answers the main question, "Is there anything like RStudio for Python?"

Here, what you see is what you also create. Rodeo makes it very easy for its users to explore what is created by them and also alongside allows the users to Inspect, interact, compare data frames, plots and even much more.

It is an IDE that has been built especially for data science/Machine Learning in Python and you can also very simply think of it as a light weight alternative to the IPython Notebook. Rodeo is also known as the RStudio clone as uses the Ace Editor as its under lying layer, just the same as what powers RStudio but the difference that comes is that Rodeo is browser-based and apart from this it offers the same functionalities and features offered by its counter as well.

Some of the other features it provides include a clean code, as the Rodeo text editor comes with auto-complete, syntax highlighting and Ipython support so that the users can now write better codes even faster. Not to forget, its plus point that allows its users to find whatever is needed, as Rodeo’s visual file navigator, point and click directories and package search make it easier for the users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Rodeo is a native Python IDE that can be of help to its users in quickly get some idea about data structures without having to write any additional lines of code hence reducing the time required and also has some basic package management and plotting views.

Rodeo also includes in it Integrated Tutorials that will help all its users to get started with learning python adding to its advantage even more. In addition to all of this that we just got to know of, this very IDE also comes with cheat sheets that help in referencing helpers material very quickly.

Keeping aside all of this, the additional points that add to its worth are:

  • Text editor + IPython console

  • Docstrings on tab-completion

  • Vim + Emacs mode

  • Single line or block code execution

And Rodeo just does not end it all right here, as once you are done with the installation of this IDE may it be on your Mac, Windows or your Linux, it will auto-update itself every time a new version of the same is released. And therefore, never giving you a chance of saying goodbye.

GitHub: Rodeo