Facebook Spaces: Connecting You With Your Friends in VR Space

May 6, 2017, 3:36 p.m. By: Hasan Ali Gumani

facebook Space

You don’t just hangout with your friends, you create memories while you are with them. But sometimes your friends just cannot make it your place or be physically present around you. That’s when the power of virtual reality comes to the rescue.

Facebook has launched Facebook Spaces VR app that allows its users to hangout with their friends in an interactive VR environment. The app has launched in the beta version for Touch and Oculus Rift.

Create a “You” in VR

As it is asked on the social media giant – Facebook – to upload your display picture, the Facebook Spaces lets it users to make their avatar on their own. The avatar is an identity that to a great extent represents the real you in the VR space.

In order to have your very own personalized avatar, pick one of your pictures from Facebook, and the Facebook Space will furnish you with a myriad of customizing options such as hairstyle, facial feature, eye color, etc. All in all, when it comes to Facebook Spaces, it’s all about being yourself.

A VR Community

After you are satisfied with your Avatar, you can invite your other friends and rejoice the various fun options on Facebook Spaces. The VR platform allows you to have a good time with your friends and get together with them for an amazing experience. Above all, the virtual marker lets you create anything. The only limit is your imagination.

Also, the rich Facebook content manifolds your experience. The 360-degree videos, the photos that take you to new places are some of the media that let you leverage the true potential of VR.

Not Just Limit to VR

Facebook Spaces lets you call your friends through Messenger video calling feature and allow them to be a part of this VR experience. When they answer your phone, they connect instantly into your VR space. Whether you flaunt your imagination power or share with them a 360-degree environment, Facebook Spaces allow you to connect with our friends from anywhere.

And hey! The selfie stick elevates your virtual reality fun by leaps and bounds. Click a selfie with your friends in the VR mode and share it on your Facebook wall.

You Own it. You Control it.

Facebook Spaces VR experience is not just customizable but fully under your control as well. Once in the VR mode, everything is under your control. If you wish to take a pause, you can do that easily. On pausing, the VR mode takes you to a quiet place. Apart from inviting your friends onboard, you can also mute them as well as remove them. Rejoice the positive experience with Facebook Spaces Virtual Reality.

…and the Next Step is…

The Facebook Spaces is just the beginning. The Facebook has launched it in beta version, and it will keep on updating it based on user experience and feedback. As of now, with Facebook Spaces, Facebook has forayed only into Social VR Technology.

In the coming years, the VR platforms are sure to revolutionize the way people connect and interact with their families and near and dear ones.