Augmented reality contact lenses: current scenario

May 24, 2017, 7:45 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

ar glass

Augmented reality contact lenses were discovered way back in the year 2008. The first experiment was done of the rabbits. The researcher made a massive discovery on that day when they successfully tested these augmented reality lenses.

The rabbit lens display project was led by Babak Parviz who was Google X director at that time. Now he is Amazon’s VP.

ar lenses

He told that these devices can put a layer of data on top of what we normally see. It means that same object could be seen differently by the different person. He also told that there are many challenges in building brand implementing this technology in real life scenario.

Last year, Samsung filed the patent for a contact lens that has the ability to record whatever the user sees.

Sony also filed the patent for a contact lens with an embedded “image pickup lens” that has the unique ability to take the input from the user through deliberate blinks. Google also patented the contact lens with an embedded camera.

There has been a significant development in these sectors but the technology has not yet advanced. We are still quite a way away from having human ready AR contact lens.

Cover image source: Edgy labs