Databricks: a new AI tool by Microsoft for developers

Nov. 20, 2017, 9:21 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Azure Databricks

Microsoft has announced a new data platform technologies and cross-platform developer tools which aim at increasing developer’s productivity. The new AI-powered platform will be known as Azure Databricks. This platform is specially designed in collaboration with the founders of Apache Spark.

Azure Databricks analytics has various benefits for streamlined workflows and an interactive workspace and one-click setup. This platform will enable organizations to provide self-service analytics and machine learning overall data with enterprise-grade performance and governance.

Scott Guthrie (Executive Vice President of Microsoft) said,” The popularity of AI cannot be simply ignored in this upcoming technical oriented world. We have announced new tools and services which will help developers build applications and services for the AI-driven future and the best thing is that they will be using languages and collaboration tools they already know and love.

The overall aim of Microsoft is to help developers, data scientists, development teams to collaborate and work together more efficiently so that product deployment could be faster. Microsoft also announced the availability of "Visual Studio App Centre" which developers can use to increase productivity and accelerate application lifecycle, freeing them to spend more time on new features and better user experiences.

The use of Visual Studio is not only limited to this only. Developers can also develop AI model with all the productivity of Visual Studio, on frameworks and languages.

Microsoft has also announced Azure IOT Edge which will enable AI, advanced analytics and machine learning for the Internet of Things (IoT) powered devices.

With so much effort put in by Microsoft in the field of AI clearly indicated that they which to establish themselves in the domain.

Microsoft Azure Databricks:

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