Google’s new API lets user find 3D asset without leaving VR

Dec. 4, 2017, 4:50 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Google recently launched Poly to allow VR and AR developers an easy way to find assets for their virtual world. Now, they have come up with Poly API which will help developers to find these assets directly in virtual reality. As many developers believe that it is natural to work in VR using Tilt Brush and then use it in a VR project.

Poly is a big collection of free 3D objects which developers can use in their virtual or augmented reality apps, games. It is natural that finding and creating 3D assets are both time-consuming processes. Google aims at helping creators populate their worlds with objects so that it can boost up development and also the output should be of much better quality.

Google with its Daydream platform has attracted several AR and VR apps developers. Now with Poly, Google wants to make sure that these developers will find it very easy to develop AR and VR content. The best thing about Poly is that the objects also work on the other platforms like Apple ARKit.

Poly contains some of the basic objects like bricks, trees along with some of the complicated objects like a full 3D vision of Wonder woman. With new Poly API, developers can pore through its large collection of assets while interacting with them via Poly in VR. Users can search via genre or via their name or many other factors.

Google has also created Poly Toolkit for developers who use Unity or Unreal Engine for their development. This will allow them to import 3D objects directly into a project. So, it sure seems like Google is pushing its way in AR and VR field.

Introducing the Poly API and Poly Toolkit

Video Source: Google VR