The Open Source Data Science Masters: A curriculum for Data Scientists

Dec. 9, 2017, 9:09 a.m. By: Kirti Bakshi

Data Science

Being a Data-Scientist is a job that is hard to earn but is still the most wanted job title in the 21st Century. Now, The question that arises is that- Why is it so much in demand these days?

The shortest possible answer to this question that could be given is that over the last decade there has been a massive explosion in both the generation of data as well as in the data retained by companies, not to mention the huge amount of data generated by people like you and me every day. A term that we now refer to as Big Data, and out of this very pile of lumber we also wish to make something. And Data scientists are just those people who make sense out of this amount of data and then figure out about what can be done with it.

And with such an increase in the demand for data scientists or as we can see today as well, McKinsey predicts that by 2018, there will be a gap of 50 percent in the number of data scientists versus the demand for them.

So what can be done? With the increasing needs and with so much of growing data also increases the demand for this title, not to forget that there are hardly little to no Data Scientists today with even an experience of 5 years at the very least as this job or profile just did not exist before.

That's when, The open-Source Data-Science Masters got motivated to come up, with a curriculum that aimed to fill this gap and bring up more and more Data-Scientists. This open-source curriculum is Foundational in both theory and technologies, as the curriculum breaks down the core competencies that are necessary for making the use of data. The real motive is to make Data Scientists that are skilled in what they do. As they are the requirement of today and will remain to be even tomorrow. The Academic Shortfall is one reason that adds to this cause as It is believed that the current academic conduits are not able to provide us with Data Scientists as credentials in academics are necessary but it is not important that they prove to be helpful in the upbringing of High-Quality Data-Scientists.

The core aptitudes like curiosity, intellectual agility, research stamina, scientific rigor and skeptical nature are among the few of the requirements that make a data-Scientist who is best in what he does. And for an individual to inculcate all these is quite a task.

The Open-Source Data-Science Masters that comes with topics like- Introduction to Data-Science, math, computing, algorithms and a lot more aims at seeing even more inexperienced individuals who are willing to try their hands at data science, and therefore in return help themselves by bootstrapping their own skills on the open-source ecosystem with the help of the diversity of modeling tools that are provided to them. In a course of time, Just as other data-science platforms and tools are proliferating, Big data’s data-scientist pool will find its way as well, to all the individuals who aim at becoming Data-Scientists through the magic of open source.

The Internet is our resource, our oyster, and with a platform like this that is open-source, who would not want to take the advantage of such an education?

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