TweetReality will take your obsession in AR

Dec. 10, 2017, 9:06 a.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Twitter is certainly one of the most popular social networking sites and is being used by most of the famous personality nowadays. TweetReality is a new app which will the users to use Twitter in AR. The app is now available in App Store.

TweetReality is based on ARKit which converts you Twitter Feed in a virtual, concaved wall spread across your field of view. It is like having a bunch of tiles with tweets floating in the air. Not only this, you can also split the screen for viewing in a Google Cardboard headset. You can also marvel at what Twitter might look like in the future through Apple's smart glasses (it’s a strong rumor that they will arrive by next year’s WWDC).

This app requires iOS 11.0 or better version and is compatible with iPhone 6s and above. Users can use Twitter Reality for searching tweets, viewing profile of any person, tweeting or replying any particular tweet and many more.

TweetReality good a great way to try something new and take your Twitter obsession into an AR world.

TweetReality - The First AR Client for Twitter

Video Source: OscarF