TMIN VR video player with hand as well as finger gesture controls

Dec. 10, 2017, 4:27 p.m. By: Kirti Bakshi


New in the league, The very new player TMIN based on Virtual Reality that is hoped to soon also be a video player that will be friendly for watching different videos, movies on your pc, Youtube clips, streams as well as 360 videos is an out of the box player that is mainly focused on the development of interfaces that will let its VR users to control their virtual environment just by making the use of common hand gestures.

The users, will, therefore, be able to simply enjoy rather than to be concerned about lost gamepad or sticks. The basic aim being, to result in the making of the best virtual reality video player to watch videos on huge screens like in cinema ones. A sure combination that cannot be bargained for.

Taking a Look at all that it comprises of, The VR player comes with features like Gesture Control, Subtitles and adding on even further to its list, the TMIN video player will support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift CV1 just on release date. Also, Other Head Mounted Displays(HMD) are also said to be supported at a later stage.

Moving on to the type of hand tracking systems that the TMIN video player will support, The VR video player as of now according to the information on the site is known to support Leap Motion on its release date. Gloves with sensors will be supported later. And The list of the same is also to be announced soon. TMIN is one Virtual reality based video player whose release is soon getting on the rise.

The Major features that have been developed till now include:

  • The ability to browsing a local file system as well as network resources, if they are mounted as a logical drive.

  • Rewinding the video and the list of files/folders by the way too with the help of common gestures.

  • The ability to run video files even in various formats.

  • To show the content from a hard drive and attached network drives, and also to navigate the file system.

  • The freedom to set the size of the video screen.

  • Allowance to scroll the video forward as well as backward.

The team is still working on the prototype of their project and the same will be presented to the audience it in a short time and also plans to start the crowdfunding of the same on Indiegogo soon in order to accelerate its development as the project TMIN [tiːmiːn] is still in its very early stages. Apart from all this, The video player will, in fact, be sold for little money including which, the makers don't plan on any advertising and donate mechanics. They also alongside plan to offer a great discount for all its early supporters.

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