‘Oculus Start’ program to help Indies developer switch to VR development

Jan. 21, 2018, 8:13 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Oculus Start

The new Oculus start program aims at encouraging and enabling the development of great quality apps from those who are relatively new to the VR development field. The program was introduced in the brief post on the Oculus developer blog. Oculus has begun accepting an application for the same.

Oculus has already mentioned that it wants to make sure that VR development could reach to every developer in the world. They aim at reducing the barriers to entry into VR development for small teams. They consider that if the first app of any developer is underway then they can optimise and also scale it further. This will also help in scaling the support for developer ecosystem.

The three main component of access, support, and savings are detailed above the application page. It also includes benefits that each developer would get after getting enrolled in this program. Some of the benefits include

  • They will receive development kits for new and existing hardware.

  • They will also have access to beta tools and services.

  • A full dedicated technical help from Oculus developers. This might help young developers clear some of the key concept and problem faced during development of VR software.

  • Developers will also get a chance of one on one meeting with Oculus’ veteran VR team.

  • They will also get other perks like one-year free Unity Plus license or a royalty-free Unreal license.

  • Oculus wallet credits to “get to know the Oculus Store better.

With so many advantages for the developers joining the program, one could say that Oculus wants to popularise the VR development field among the new developers as they are the one who could come up with some mind-blowing ideas.

But, not all the developers can apply to the program. There are some eligibility criteria which includes-

  • Applicants must have published an app on the Oculus Store or other VR platform

  • They must not have received previous VR funding of over $10,000 from any other platform. This is to ensure that only new developer can get benefit from this course.

So, interested developers could fill out the application from the Oculus developers’ website.