Microsoft launches prototype augmented reality glass

May 30, 2017, 8:19 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Microsoft AR Glass

Microsoft revealed a new prototype augmented reality glass that looks very much like the normal glass that people use to wear on their daily routine.

The main aim of Microsoft is to make the segmented reality glass just appear like the normal glass so that the user does not feel any difference between the two.

This is a massive improvement from Microsoft over its previous HoloLens headset. This new glass is lighter and cheaper compare to the earlier one.

The researchers said that the glass contains a holographic display prototypes to use the digital holography technique.

This massive announcement comes just after the Facebook announcement of building AR glasses. There are many other companies that are working on AR technology. Snap is developing AR software to enhance the user experience in Snapchat. Apple is also working on AR technology for its iPhone.

This clearly indicates that Microsoft is ready for the competition in the AR products.

Microsoft is working on the features like wide field view, compact form factor, multi-focus. They want to implement all these features in one single device.

Researchers said that they would be working on this model more. It is also believed that Microsoft may not produce these glasses in bulk until they figure a way to implement all these technologies in one device.

Image Source: CNBC