Prynt develops a gadget that could turn your iPhone into photo printer

June 1, 2017, 8:08 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Prynt was founded in 2014. The company has developed a technology that will allow the user to share their photos photo printing for augmented reality powered devices.

Prynt launched its first photo printing phone case back in 2015. The company is back with the second version.

The Prynt pocket lets you print photos directly from your iPhone. The new version is smaller in size and could be used without taking off the existing phone case.

This device will allow people to click a photo and get that photo in both physical and digital form.

The users will have to download Prynt app for this feature. Then they have to slide the gadget onto their phone. Then they are ready for printing any photo. The user could click a photo or select the one from the gallery.

The photo gets printed in just 30 seconds.

This device also has augmented reality video feature which lets the user make short videos that loop back and forth. Whenever the user takes a photo, the app records a video and stores it in the cloud. The user could use the app to see the video or moving photo. They could also share that on various social media platforms.

This device uses Zink’s inkless paper. So, no ink cartridge is required. The Prynt Pocket holds 10 sheets of paper at one time.

Currently, this is only available for iPhone users but the company is trying to expand it to the android platform also.

Prynt Pocket will be available for $150 and the pack of 40 papers would cost $20.

Image Source: Pintrest