Simple ML explanations by MIT PhD students (ML-Tidbits)

May 30, 2019, 9:44 p.m. By: Kirti Bakshi


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will shape our future more powerfully than any other innovation that could ever take place in this century.

And anyone who does not understand the basic concept of how it works will soon find themselves feeling left behind, waking up in a world full of technology that is changing drastically with every passing second.

And to help all the AI and ML enthusiasts, with the belief that teaching responsible ML from the start will create more accountability and enable better public discussions around the societal impacts of this technology, In this article, you are presented two MIT PhD students that aim at bringing understandable explanations and discussions about artificial intelligence and machine learning so that not only is AL and ML more accessible and easy to understand to the public but also to encourage people to participate in discussions and make educated decisions about ML products and policies.

Moving ahead with the same, They have released two videos on their YouTube Channel ML-Tidbits where they discuss and easily bring forward basic concepts of Machine Learning, Its life cycle, types and more.

The Machine Learning Lifecycle:

In this video, you are presented the life cycle of a Machine Learning Problem all the way from data collection, the decisions involved, the problem definition to a systems post-deployment.

Link to the Video: ML Tidbits

Types of Machine Learning- Supervised and Unsupervised:

In this second video released, before discussing in-depth about the specific types of models and the layers in the later videos, the foundation is made clear by keeping the focus on the Main Types Of Machine Learning: Supervised and Unsupervised

Link To The Video: ML Tidbits

Given above were the two videos that have been released by them on their channel. Overall, By keeping the explanations, discussions and debates on topics related to AI and ML short and clear not only do they reach a wider audience but also put forward a strong understanding of the topic that is being presented.

For more information regarding the same, and to contact them further, one can go through the links mentioned below:

Link to the website: Click Here