Pentagon to help soldiers see better by using augmented reality headset

June 3, 2017, 12:51 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


Pentagon has developed the augmented reality headset for soldiers. This AR headset will make war feel more like the shooting game. According to the pentagon’s official,” This technology will give soldiers more situational awareness. It will allow them to map and located the fellow troops better.”

The glasses will provide soldiers with the real-time information like maps, navigation. It will also tell them about the location of the enemy and friendly units. All of these functionalities will use Heads Up Navigation, Tracking and Reporting system.

According to Pentagon official,” The sole purpose of this technology is to help soldiers’ ability. This will prove to be very crucial in many conditions and hopefully save lives.”

He added,” This system will replace the standard GPS and night vision devices.”

The current GPS technology only works if the device is geo-registered to the location. Geo-registration aligns soldiers with his environment. But, this task is automatically done by the new system.

TAR uses an eyepiece in the soldier’s helmet. So, it can be used at any time without any need for making the adjustment.

This system also has an eyepiece connected to soldier’s weapon. This allows them to see the image of what the gun is pointing at. There are other sensors that will provide the vital information like the distance of the target. The images could be sent to other soldiers via the wireless system.

The eyepieces have also split screen feature that allows the soldiers to point their weapon in the backward direction. Then, they could see behind also while walking in the forward direction.

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