MindMaze to use VR for treatment of stroke victims in the US

June 4, 2017, 1:41 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar


MindMaze is a Swiss start up that raised $100 million in funding recently. The company has launched it's MindMaze Pro virtual reality treatment for stroke patients in the US.

The VR released by the company uses both the neuroscience and entertainment both the treatment.

This is a massive accomplishment by the Swiss company as it shows that wide range of application of VR technology.

MindMaze Pro is an upper limb neurorehabilitation platform. It uses a proprietary 3D motion tracking system to help the patients suffering from chronic and acute strokes.

MindMaze released MindMotion Pro in the European market in 2013 and a large number of patients have used it as the rehabilitation theory. The Food and Drug administration of US has granted MindMaze 510(k) clearance. The company also informed that it has completed 261 patients trails of MindMotion Go.

MindMotion Go is a device that uses VR technology to help the patients to rehabilitate after he is discharged from the hospital.

The company conducted the trials in UK, Switzerland, Germany. According to research, more than 800.000 people suffer a stroke every year in the US. This results in the direct and indirect loss of economic activity that accounts for more than $60 billion.

MindMotion Pro maps the patient’s movement onto 3D avatars in an interactive exercise based on the neurorehaboilitation principal of upper limb rehabilitation and cognitive paradigm.

MindMotion Pro uses VR games to keep patient engaged with the therapies. Due to this VR technology, the patient engages 10 to 15 times more than with ordinary program.

Image Source: clubaltea