Apple releases new macOS named as “High Sierra”

June 6, 2017, 12:12 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

High Sierra

Everyone was expecting Apple to upgrade its macOS as it was lagging behind its competitors and Apple did not disappoint its users. The new macOS will be known as “High Sierra” has a significant improvement over the previous one.

Let’s see what are these new features

1. Safari upgrade

Apple has decided to upgrade its browser Safari. Apple said that the new update will make Safari the world’s fastest browser (about 80% faster than Google Chrome).

2. Ad blocker Safari will also block the auto-playing ads and video which will significantly improve the user experience. It uses machine learning to implement Intelligent Tracking Prevention. It will also prevent the websites from tracking your browser activity around the web.

It’s a massive announcement considering the fact that Google is also working on similar technology.

3. Improve mail

Apple has also decided to improve its mail feature. Now you surface your important mail right at the top of the window. The new mail will have a spilt view feature that will make it easy to compose the new mail. Also, the app will consume 35% less memory for stashing mail in your hard disk.

4. Improved Photos

Apple has also upgraded its photo viewing app. There will be several new tools like selecting color and tweaking them individually, curves panel for fine-grained control over contrast and color.

The new app will also have a persistent sidebar and the images will be displayed in chronical order. The users can also send the images to third party software like Photoshop.

5. New File system

High Sierra will have a new file system that will significantly improve the speed of common task like copying files. It also has the bunch of new features like crash protection, file, and directory cloning, native encryption.

6. Better 4K performance

The new OS will support H.265/HVEC video codecs. This will optimize the compression and better 4K performance.

7. Upgraded metal graphics suite

Apple has upgraded the metal graphics. Now, it will have a bunch of new features like indirect augments buffer, SIMD group data, driver optimization, uniform variables, resource heaps. The new version will deliver 10 times better draw call throughput. You can also add external graphics to your Mac now. Metal 2 will also allow developers to create VR experience and use on HTC Vive. Apple has also partnered with Valve to bring Steam VR SDK to MacOS.

Apple is surely going to give Windows 10 a run for the money with all these features. MacOS High Sierra ‘s public beta version will be available by the of June.

Image Source: ZDnet