It’s time to shift to augmented reality windows

June 7, 2017, 7:42 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

AR Window

RealFiction is a Denmark-based company which has developed a window that uses the AR concept. This product is known as DeepFrame. The images are correctly placed in the real world and they appear mere translucent images when displayed over a location.

This is a great invention from RealFiction. All the big companies are focusing on the use of AR technology in the smaller device like the smartphone but Real Fiction has gone one step further to create AR based window.

The use of AR window eliminated the need for using any personal types of equipment. The user could also manipulate the AR object projection by just using hand gestures.

RealFiction CEO said, “This technology enables companies to present content that gives real life experience to their audience.”

The device can produce a 4K resolution display using a 64 inch curved OLED screen. The company also said that the display could be made in larger and even smaller forms depending upon the user’s need.

RealFiction CEO also added,” We believe that this would be the new standard for mix reality display. I hope that this product will be used by a large number of people.”

Image Source: Youtube