Apple introduces Metal 2 for VR

June 7, 2017, 8:19 p.m. By: Vishakha Jha

Apple Metal 2

Apple at WDDC 2017 announced a new version of Metal, named Metal 2 and said soon Mac will have the support for VR content creation. Recent Mac experience relies more on the graphic processor (GPU) on your computer. Metal is a technology that allows apps to utilize the full power of GPU i.e. built into macOS.

Apple is shipping Metal for VR with High Sierra. Metal 2 has improved the visual experience as well as adds capabilities like machine learning, virtual reality, and external GPU support for entertainment and professional creations. Apple claimed it to be 10 times better at draw call throughput than the original Metal and also to provide a promising faster frame rate debugger. This will help games run better on Mac OS computers. It has a new VR-optimized display pipeline. Metal 2 supports for external graphics which allows you to connect your Mac via Thunderbolt to an external GPU that's better than the integrated graphics on the MacBooks.

The Unity and Unreal engines are coming to Mac, which studios can use to make VR games. Valve's SteamVR is also coming to High Sierra.

Presently High Sierra is available for developers and a public beta is expected in June, with the final release shipping in Fall.

Till now Mac gaming has been claimed not to standing up to PC standards. Metal 2 could help to mend that and has the power to bring your imagination to life.