Air New Zealand will take help of augmented reality to enhance user experience

June 7, 2017, 8:32 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Air New Zealand

The number of people using airlines as the mode of transport has increased a lot in recent times. The airlines have all your relevant data stored in the database.

Air New Zealand have found an interesting way to use this data. They will use the segmented reality technology to help the flight attendants take good care of the customers.

Air New Zeeland would use Microsoft HoloLens for this purpose.

They will use the HoloLens to display all the relevant information to the flight attendants. This information includes your favorite meals, books, last flight that you traveled, destination. This information may also include your loyalty status, visual cues that would indicate your emotion. Air New Zealand have made an interesting move to enhance the customer's experience.

Air New Zealand have collaborated with Dimension Data for this project.

Air New Zealand is known for innovating things. They launched ‘world-first’ bag drop in 2015. This technology uses the biometric camera to verify passengers’ identity according to their passport photo.

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