Microsoft Revealed ASUS and Dell VR headset

June 8, 2017, 9:11 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Microsoft VR Headset

Microsoft revealed Windows 10 mixed reality headset which will be manufactured by ASUS and Dell. The headset is of the same size as the device from Acer. They are also similar in built. But Dell has made some modifications to the design.

Both the headset has stripped down look which will reduce the weight of the headset. The ASUS headset has a decorative touch with a front faceplate. This adds the polygon effect to the device making it distinctive.

The specifications have not been announced by Microsoft but it likely to have the below configuration -

  1. 2.89-inch diagonal display

  2. Front hinged display

  3. The display will be 1440*1440 (LCD)

  4. The 95-degree horizontal field of view

  5. 90 Hz refresh rate

  6. The device will have built-in audio and microphone support with a 3.5 mm jack support

  7. HDMI 2.0 for display purpose and a USB 3.0 for data connectivity purpose.

The price of this device has also not been announced by Microsoft. Lenovo is also rumoured to be working on Windows 10 VR headset.

The expected price will be around $300 - $350.

The VR headsets are scheduled to start shipping from August this year.

Image Source: Microsoft