Apple to use dedicated AI chip in iPhones

June 9, 2017, 8:20 p.m. By: Pranjal Kumar

Apple AI Chip

Apple could now use dedicated AI chips in the coming generations of iPhones. The company is rumored to be working on this new chip which is also known as Apple Neural Engine.

This chip will be used for specific purposes like facial recognition, speech recognition. It might also be used for iPhone’s predictive keyboard to the chip.

This move is done to reduce the pressure on the normal chip that is used for daily routine tasks. According to experts, this will enhance the battery life by a big margin. Also, the performance of the device will be boosted a lot as CPU and GPU would not have to do the heavy task.

It means that while the general use of the iPhone you will see a sharp increase in the speed.

But, Apple might not be integrating this chip in the next iPhone. We might see this chip in say iPhone 9.

Google recently announced that it will make the AI chips available to all the users on the cloud. This news suggests that Apple is up for the competition by providing AI chips in their iPhone.

Qualcomm recently released Snapdragon 835 chip which has a special module dedicated for AI processing. This chipset is currently used by Samsung Galaxy S8.

This is not the first-time Apple has found itself in chip manufacturing business. Apple makes “M”- branded motion coprocessor which is used in iPhones to collect the sensors data.

Apple also makes “T1” chips for MacBook Pro for powering the touch bar. Apple’s Air Pods also have “W1” chips that help them to pair with iOS devices.

Image Source: The Verge