An Israeli company to boost AI machines with human like intelligence

June 10, 2017, 8:15 a.m. By: Sidhant Kandpal


Intelligence holds no bar and this undoubtedly is defined by the fast-paced development in the field of AI, that has left no barrier to achieving. But Cortica, an Israeli start-up gave another groundbreaking fascinating discovery by enabling an AI model that can “learn, classify and represent” data without any supervision.

Mostly all algorithms that are defined for AI are entirely dependent on humans to teach them and they would proffer the same act as many times as possible, but here Cortica’s model beats them all with unsupervised learning methodology. Although these methods used are slower in processing, but yet will be vital for future of smart AI development.

Founded by Professor Josh Zeevi and two of his doctoral graduates, Igal Raichelgauz and Karina Odinaev from Technion, Cortica believes in making AI smarter than humans just to assist them in providing efficient working. They have worked out the method how the biological working of visualizing the matter from our cortex is decoded by the brain, which AI model of Cortica will do. The visual light entering our cortex is converted to electrical signals and then analyzed for sorting to send out signals to activate the necessary receptors of the body.

Well, this is the technology that Cortica has decoded and claims to be within its model, which will certainly make this start-up land among the highest grossing ones if this turns out to be successful. So will this revamp the future of AI, time will decide for every one of us!

Image Source: tmrwedition