All You Need to Know About RankBrain: The AI and SEO Fusion on Google

May 10, 2017, 9:45 a.m. By: TeamAdmin


An excellent article was recently published on Wired that talked about how Google is incorporating Artificial Intelligence into its SEO or search engine ranking method. Majorly, Google’s algorithm to rank the websites is based on parameters such as the popularity of the webpage/domain, content on the web pages, and HTML tags.

However, now for some of the search queries, Artificial Intelligence is now driving the results and search rankings. As per Wired, Google’s RankBrain is utilized in approximately 15% of search queries that take place for the very first time on the website. There is a speculation that the role of AI in search rankings will grow and dominate as the primary driver for showing result and ranking the websites and web pages. In such a case, it is sure to revolutionize the SEO practices as well as strategies.

It is quite hard to figure out how the things will work out in the future, but as per what is mentioned in the Wired’s articles, the technology is so much sophisticated that even the engineers behind it find it hard to explain what led to the individual search result.

But for brands who wish to leverage this amazing technology and stay ahead of the competition, this is what has been suggested to them:

Make the Content Crawlable and User-Friendly: In order to undertake this, stay abreast on Google’s Webmaster Blog, stay aware of SEO guidelines laid by Google and any additional instruction around AI ranking methods. Ensure to employ structured data markup to offer users the most optimized result when they search.

Create Quality Content As Per the Users: Make sure to produce quality content that not only tops on readability front but it is data informed as well. Though it is still not clear if there will be a next-generation keyword tool for AI-driven search technology, the content teams all around should determine popular searches and produce the content accordingly (Focus more on Real-time Q&A content).

Give an Apex Priority to Content Promotion: Google, since its inception, has been favoring quality, authentic and genuine content. Even if RankBrain or AI-Driven Searches controls everything, this won’t change. As popular and quality content always get rewarded by Google, brands should invest their time, efforts and monetary resources on the promotion of quality content.